Personal Training

Taking each individuals goals and making them attainable by cardiovascular and resistance training. Every person has different needs and abilities. We find the right one for you based on your evolving capabilities.


A.T.A.C.C. (All-sport Training and Conditioning Clinic)

This is a C Double Fitness specialty class that focuses on YOUR sport of choice. ALL-SPORTS require core stability, speed, agility, and strength. This clinic is typically geared towards teen students, who want that EDGE when they get to their sport. $20/session makes it possible for you to be BETTER than you were last season.

Martial Arts Training & Self Defense Training

Traditional Martial Arts training based on the principals of Bak Shaolin Eagle Claw Kung Fu under the teachings of Grand Master Fu Leung.

Long Distance Fitness Consulting

Comprising detailed training programs for individuals globally via online visual video conferencing.

Wellness & Nutrition

Examining your current habits and making a LIFESTYLE CHANGE, this is done by changing your diet and common practices for your body. "Once you set your mind on the journey, your body will follow.” In order for your body to change you need a specific form of nutrients. This is all set by your bodies need for proper hydration, proteins, micro & macro nutrients.

Note: C Double Fitness incorporates training programs established by all branches of The US Military as well as Scientifically proven techniques established over decades of research and development. We work hand in hand with Military and police agencies across the globe.  We are not claiming current military or police status.