Cyrnoff Cowan

If you'd like to loose a few lbs. and sweat to the oldies join Curves. Otherwise, step up and make an appointment with CC. He is always on time and can be counted on to mix it up. His program is tailored to you. There is no substitution for PERSONAL training. He is the kick in the ass you have been looking for. CC is a gifted and extremely knowledgeable trainer in matters of technique, diet, and motivation. He is a good guy and deeply cares about his clientele. As a world class Shaolin Eagle Claw Kung Fu practitioner he offers perspective simply not readily available in the west. This man is equipped to train the elite warfighter or even housewife and certainly everyone in between. Don't hesitate to hire the best, you will not be disappointed. His commitment to his clients is unmatched - period. You will not find someone more dedicated to your success than CC. It is this approach, his "Tao", that sets him apart. It is with the highest confidence that I recommend Cyrnoff Cowan as your next personal trainer. ***THANK YOU SIFU COWAN FOR YOUR INSPIRATION AND COMMITMENT. YOUR WORK CHANGES FAR MORE THAN BODIES, IT CHANGES LIVES! ***finding a trainer that's right for you

Tom M.

I Only Brag About The Best

I have known CC for over 4 years now. He has had such a HUGE impact on the way that I train and carry myself, that even though I recently moved away he still stays with me where ever I go. When I am doing weights, squats, ect the first thing that goes through my mind when I am about to give up is...'CC would insist I keep going.' And after I really feel like giving up I think, 'CC would be seriously disappointed if I gave up now.' And because of our training I now have an even better work ethic when I'm at the gym, and I am proud to say I am not afraid to use the weights!! Thank you CC for showing me real women lift! I have never met someone with so much heart and will power in one soul. CC is the total package. He has an honest love for what he does and has so much drive and motivation just pouring out of him. There is no one like him. And I am a better person for having him as a constant mentor in my life. You are the best CC. Keep up the hard work, your are changing so many lives for the good, more than you know.


We need more trainers like you

I had decided I needed a personal trainer after I was seeing a nutritionist for about a year and gained most of my weight back after incorporating certain foods back. I met CC and wasn't sure what to expect. I had seen personal trainers and even had a couple of sessions with them, most of the time I found myself telling them what I did and didn't want to do. I remember my 1st session with CC when I said I wanted to do less or something different he said" this is not let's make a deal and I am not Wayne Brady. " However that fact that he didn't allow me to be in control of my own workout just didn't win me over. He listened and asked questions about nutrition and what I wanted to work on, where my problem areas were, I can go on and on. CC is dedicated to job, his attention to detail so that we get the exercise just right, ability to push you to the fullest potential you have and commitment to making you succeed in reaching your overall goals. I will recommend CC to anyone who is serious about wanting to lose weight, tone, or just wanting to better their health! Thank you CC!

Alex Torres


I first started looking for a personal trainer I investigated a lot of gyms and trainers in Chicago, but only CC could give me everything I was looking for: nutrition help, one-on-one attention, and a training style that was more than Boot camp. After working with CC (whom I HIGHLY recommend AAA+ ) In just two months, I couldn't have asked for better results or a better experience. He works you as hard as you want, pushes you to push yourself, and is always supportive. He literally transforms your body and I couldn't have asked for anyone better. Choose CC. You won't regret it. I lost over 15Lbs He defiantly changed my Life forever.

Nick H.

Great Training Sessions, Very Professional

My experience training with CC was awesome! His training sessions were extremely motivating and our workouts were different every time we trained. Prior to training with CC I considered myself to be in good shape but his routines definitely pushed me to a new level, not only with strength and cardiovascular training but also helped give me a mental edge to challenge myself every time I worked out. I would highly recommend CC to anyone who is serious about training or even to someone who is a beginner and wants to get started in the right direction to achieve their fitness goals.

Dave A.

Like a good neighbor

I've have had the opportunity to see CC work from different angles. Not only does he work on helping his clients, he will share his knowledge with anyone willing to make a difference. He has a true and unique passion for helping others make a life changing decision upon themselves, No matter what age they are. I've worked out with him only a handful of times but I have seen him research different techniques for specific individuals, I have seen the difference he has made in so many people. So, if you're looking for someone that has experience, knowledge, passion and the drive to get you to your personal goals CC is exactly what you're looking for. your success, is his success!!!

Cori H.

Best work out ever!!

I remember when I first met CC. I was very impressed by his knowledge of the human body. We talked about goals that I wanted to reach and how I planned on reaching them. He was very specific with his question which enabled him to know exactly what exercises I needed to do in order to reach my goals. My first training session was INTENSE!! He pushed me so hard! I loved that. I want a trainer who isn't gonna let me just kinda work out but push me to my limit then keep pushing me. We all have goals we want to reach with our body and CC is the person that will push you to not only reach the goals but boost your self confidence and make you realize that you can push yourself and do things that you never really thought you could. I love working out with CC and would do it everyday if I could!!

Danielle Whittenhall

Best trainer around!

CC is hands down the best trainer I have ever worked with. He not only is concerned with your progress in the gym but in each aspect of your life. He works you hard. He pushes you to go beyond what you gave yourself credit for because he sees the power you have. From crossfit to boxing to weight training to circuit training to your nutrition, CC covers it all with a knowledge that is unsurpassed of any trainer I know. And with the heart and drive that shows from the first session you have with him to the check up text to make sure you are sore. CC gives you a working knowledge of each aspect of healthy living in a easy to understand way that you will think of each time you do a squat or if you have had enough protein for the day. Thank you CC for sharing your love of fitness and healthy living. I'm a better person because of it.

Stacie G.

Definitely worth it

I was training clients of my own when I started training with CC. He's very motivational and keeps the workouts fun, refreshing, and difficult. Don't expect an easy workout, expect results. What your going to get with CC is a workout tailored to your specific experience level that pushes you to the next level. Your not just another client, CC actually CARES if you reach your goals.

Rob Teske


CC is a motivating yet challenging trainer that is passionate at helping you achieve your goals. He is very knowledgeable in training!


Best trainer out there

If you want someone invested in your health, CC is your trainer. Fun workouts that are always different. Motivation is not a problem with him. I would recommend anyone to work out with CC.

Jake E.

CC Power!

If you want a SERIOUS trainer CC is the way to go. He does not play...we are talking military style focus using all kinds of techniques combined...and be prepared to do lots of squats!!! Learn to love the squats because you will love the results of them.

Nikki Imbracsio