CC Cowan Bio

CC Cowan is a 2 time gold medalist in World Martial Arts Championships, the recipient of the 2007 "Making a Difference" Hustle up the Hancock award from the Respirataroy Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago. And as competitor, coach, and instructor of Martial Arts & Fitness with over 20 years of experience I will give you the right exercise program that works for you.

As a certified fitness/personal trainer & licensed martial arts instructor. He is qualified to train your average individual and/or your Olympic hopeful.

“Everyone has something good but nobody has the best everything”. “In order to be successful externally you have to be successful internally”. In your initial consultation I will go over an over all fitness assessment for YOU SPECIFIC. Everyone has different genetics and what works for one many not work for all.

C Double Fit Squad Mission Statement

I will assist you in rebuilding you through physical fitness, internally and externally. As your Health & Wellness coach and the captain of The Fit Squad I will improve you by helping you plan measurable and realistic goals by getting optimal results through continued exercise, wellness coaching and life experiences.

C Double Fitness Apparel

Ask about our C Double Fitness apparel. Coming Soon!